How to: Add new CRM Contact Choices [Multiple selections] to the Contact Main Form

In the Dynamics 365 business platform, there is a contact form where edits can happen using Power Apps. In this blog post, I will introduce a method on how to add new contact choices (AKA multiple selections) onto your contact main form.

Scroll all the way down in this blog post to find a video tutorial.

  1. Go to the Power Apps website // click on Solutions

2. Scroll all the way to the bottom -> click on Default Solution

3. Search “Contact” in the search bar, look for “Contact” with the type “Table”

4. Once you arrive here, click on + Add Column

5. Input whatever question/choice you want into the Display name, click on Data Type and choose either Choice or Choices

6. Click on + New Choice, (first picture) and input your choices pertaining to the subject (slide to see second picture)

7. Make sure you save your new table at the bottom right and click on forms at the top.

8. In the forms area, click on Contact under the Main form type

9. On the left side, click on the third icon that has the Abc enclosed in a rectangle

10. Search for your table column in the search bar

11. Drag in your new column into the workspace into wherever it needs to be

12. Publish your changes, it’ll automatically save and you’re done!

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