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How to: Set up a word template in Word 365

This process does take multiple steps and it is important not to get them mixed up nor skip a few steps. However, when mastered, creating standardized documents will be much easier using templates!

There will be a video tutorial at the bottom of this post.

1: Have/Create a word template

For this demo, I will use this Interview Thank You template already prepared prior to this process.

Next, you need actual information to put into those areas (name, address, number, etc.) Let’s use some sample contacts for this demo.

1. go to Settings in Dynamics 365 >> Advanced Settings >> click the dropdown next to Settings >> under Business click on Templates >> Document Templates >> + NEW >> select Word Template >> choose Contact (or whatever entity for the template) >> Select Entity

2. You’ll be asked to select certain items pertaining to the relationships. If you have other relationships to the contacts, you can click on the ones you really need. For this demo, I didn’t select any. Click Download Template.

2: Using the Template in Word

1. Once you’ve downloaded the template, open it up and enable the developer tab

a. File >> Options >> Customize Ribbon >> select Developer

3. On the top – click Developer >> XML Mapping Pane >> change the XML part to the drop down option starting with “urn:microsoft…”

4. take your raw document template (in my case, the Interview Thank You one). Copy all and paste into the template that you recently downloaded.

5. go to the right side (with your XML mapping still open) and click the drop down for contact >> insert the corresponding information like such:

highlight and delete the portion of information (Contact First Name) >> find firstname in the drop down >> right click – Insert Content Control >> Plain Text

repeat this process with every other information part. it should look like this:

Once you’re finished with inputting the correct data areas, save the word file into your PC. then you can head back into your Dynamics 365 workspace.

go to Settings >> Advanced Settings >> click the dropdown next to Settings >> under Business click on Templates >> Document Templates >> Upload Templates >> upload the word doc you just saved >> Upload

return to your Sales Hub and select a contact you wish to use for the template. Click on Word Templates.

Select the file you used for this process.

Once selected, it will automatically download. Open it up, and all the fields of data will appear!


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