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How to: Set up Office 365 E3 Trial -> then Dynamics 365 (Sales Premium) Trial

1. Set up the Office 365 E3 Trial, click on Free Trial. (Side note: It might be better to use a private/incognito browser avoid any other existing log ins)

2. Either continue with the email you’re signed in with OR create a new Microsoft email.

3. You might need to confirm human verification, Input your phone number and complete this step.

4. Input the information on the screen, continue then click get started.

5. You’re going to be asked to install Office, add domain, add users, and connect your domain. You can do this or skip these steps and just click continue to come back to it another time.

6. You’re in!

From here, you can get a Dynamics 365 (Sales Premium) Trial

1. Go to Microsoft 365 admin center and sign into your Dynamics 365 account.

2. On the left hand side, under Billing, click on Purchase Services.

3. In the search bar, search Sales, scroll to fine Dynamics 365 Sales Premium and click on Details. Note: You can repeat this process with whichever service you want, but for this example I am using Dynamics 365 Sales Premium,

4. Click on Start Free Trial. Then put in your phone number for confirmation >> input the code >> click on Start Free Trial.

5. You’ll be redirected to another page, click on Try Now.

6. Click continue, and you’re set!

To assign licenses to yourself to access Outlook and other O365 apps within Office 365, follow the steps below.

1) you’ll need to assign the E3 license to yourself. Go to the Microsoft 365 Admin Center. It looks like this:

2) Click on Users on the left hand side. Click on Active Users.

3) Click on the only user (or you) in this page. Go to Licenses and apps.

4) Check Dynamics 365 Sales Premium. And Save changes. You should be able to log into outlook now. (Note: it might take a few minutes or more sometimes for the system to save and for you to access your account, so be patient if it doesn’t log you in at first.)

Next, here are the steps to set up a trial platform within your new account

Go to the Power Platform Admin Center and click on Environments on the left hand side.

1. Select the + New button in the top left. Name your trial to whatever you’d like – you can add the date of creation to make searches easier, make sure the type is Trial (subscription-based) and enable create a database.

2. Click Next and now you’ll add the database. Make sure to provide the domain name for your trial unless you would like a RNG URL and also enable the Dynamics 365 apps. Lastly, for the drop down underneath “automatically deploy these apps” select All enterprise applications (note: selecting this will provide all the apps available which is why it is a good default)

3. Hit Save, and you should see: New environment *environment name* is getting prepared. It can be used once active.” Refresh your page and just wait until it is finished.

4. Wait for the state to be “ready” then click on your new environment.

5. It should look like this, then click on the environment URL in the purple text.

6, when the site finishes loading (it might take a while), this is how it should look like: (sales hub is a good place to start!)

If you would like to change your URL to be more user-friendly (or just want to change it in general), you can go back to the page found on step 5.

Click on Edit and this will pop up: under URL, you can edit it to be the URL you’d like.


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