How to disable the “14 days skip for now” prompt in Microsoft CRM

If you come across this annoying pop up, here is how you disable it! You will get this on a default setting for trials. Help us protect your account: Microsoft has enabled Security Defaults to keep your account secure. Skip for now (14 days until this is required) Here’s how you disable this popup: 1.Continue reading “How to disable the “14 days skip for now” prompt in Microsoft CRM”

Desktop Tool: Awesome Screenshot and Screen Recorder!

Working on WordPress blog posts made me realize how dependent I am on screenshot tools and which work the best for me. After trying out several extensions and built-in applications, I discovered that Awesome Screenshot and Screen Recorder (from Chrome extensions) does its job very well (and it’s free!!) You can go here to addContinue reading “Desktop Tool: Awesome Screenshot and Screen Recorder!”

How to: Set up Office 365 E3 Trial -> then Dynamics 365 (Sales Premium) Trial

1. Set up the Office 365 E3 Trial, click on Free Trial. (Side note: It might be better to use a private/incognito browser avoid any other existing log ins) 2. Either continue with the email you’re signed in with OR create a new Microsoft email. 3. You might need to confirm human verification, Input yourContinue reading “How to: Set up Office 365 E3 Trial -> then Dynamics 365 (Sales Premium) Trial”

How to: set up HubSpot Free & Dynamics 365 and HubSpot Integration

The requirement to set a HubSpot to Dynamics 365 integration: click on the links to set them up. Dynamics 365 Account (Trial is okay) Microsoft/Office 365 (Trial is okay) HubSpot Account (Free or demo is okay) see below in this post Integration App see how to get here To jump straight to the how toContinue reading “How to: set up HubSpot Free & Dynamics 365 and HubSpot Integration”

How to: set up Office 365 Trial

There are multiple ways to create an Office 365 Trial but in this example, you’ll have an existing Dynamics 365 log in account: if you don’t already have it, refer to my other post. 1. Go to Microsoft 365 admin center and sign into your Dynamics 365 account. You’ll see this: 2. On the leftContinue reading “How to: set up Office 365 Trial”

How to: enable/disable PDF export in Dynamics 365

This is helpful when a PDF generation is required for a sales record/template. Head to your Site Map (at the bottom left) and click on it to reveal a menu select App Settings you’ll see Overview at the top, if not, click Overview on the left. and click the dropdown for Productivity. click on ManageContinue reading “How to: enable/disable PDF export in Dynamics 365”

How to: Set up a word template in Word 365

This process does take multiple steps and it is important not to get them mixed up nor skip a few steps. However, when mastered, creating standardized documents will be much easier using templates! There will be a video tutorial at the bottom of this post. 1: Have/Create a word template For this demo, I willContinue reading “How to: Set up a word template in Word 365”

My HIM Internship Spotlight!

While I was a part of the non-profit youth volunteer organization, Heart In Motion (HIM), I was nominated to receive a spotlight as an intern in April 2021! Check out the post here. During my time in the organization, I started out as an intern, as everyone does when beginning the HIM leadership program. AfterContinue reading “My HIM Internship Spotlight!”

How to: Set Up Dynamics 365 Trial

Beginning a trial in Dynamics 365 is useful for learning, demos and testing out operations and applications before committing to the platform! 1. go to >> click on Try for free. 2. Without inputting an email, click on the blue button: Start your free trial >> Then it’ll let you set up a newContinue reading “How to: Set Up Dynamics 365 Trial”

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